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Dual meaning of shifted units


Quantity<T> for shifted units (Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures in particular) has a dual meaning.

E.g.: 5°C can be understood as:
  1. a level on Celsius scale, and then it is equivalent to 278,15 K on Kelvin scale,
  2. an increase (delta) of temperature: 5°C = 25°C - 20°C, and then it is equal to 5 K.
Those two meanings are not clearly distinguished (as of Release 1.0), and it may lead to problems when doing arithmetic operations e.g.:
5°C + 5K = 5°C + (5 - 273,15)°C = -263,15°C while it should have calculated: 5°C + 5K = 10°C.
Closed Jun 17, 2013 at 2:32 PM by manio
Level<T> class has been introduced to represents measurement level, in contrast to Quantity<T> which (now) represents solely increase (delta) of the level.